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The Steam Zone™ The Steam Zone™
The Steam Zone™
The Steam Zone™

Clearance Breville Canada The Steam Zone™

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Color: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Brushed Stainless Steel

Prepare whole steamed fish on the large steaming tray or prepare two different foods that require different steaming time in two separate steaming baskets with a synchronized finish setting. Separate cooking vessels eliminates cross contamination of flavors.

Product DNA


Unlock the full potential of the steam zone, the invisible steam that is most efficient in transferring heat into food for faster, more nutritional cooking.

Someone lifting the lid of the Steam Zone and a whole fish being cooked inside.


Steam larger foods like whole fish or whole chicken. Or use the two smaller stainless steel steaming baskets included to cook different foods with no cross flavor contamination. Use standard bamboo steaming baskets on both sides up to three levels.

Carrots being cooked in one compartment and two chicken legs being cooked in the other.


Whether you want to control the steaming of foods independently or have all items finish at the same time, these functions put you in command.

Dumplings being cooked on the Steam Zone.


Reach the maximum steaming power in less than 30 seconds.

Close up of the screen and setting options on the Steam Zone.


Use the water hardness kit to select your water hardness, which activates the descale reminder at the right time for your water.

Product Specification

Dimensions (WxDxH)10" x 20" x 11"
Warranty1 Year Limited Product Warranty
Construction MaterialsBrushed Stainless Steel. BPA Free.
CapacitySteam a whole fish or use the independent steaming baskets to steam separate foods.
SettingsHigh–Low, Split Zone, Keep warm up to 45mins & Automatic keep warm up to 15mins.

Customer reviews

14 global ratings
5 out of 5
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Top reviews

Great Great Great I LOVE IT!!!
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T06:06:38 | Verified Purchase

For many years i had simple oster veggie seamer from plastic and LOVED IT!!! Then it was off the market, mine died, and I could not find a design similar as they had too many peices to wash on a dual level plastic steamer. i ended returning one. as i researched i read on teh concerns of cooking/steaming on plastic and found the Breville Steamer. I have had good experiences with the brand name. At first when found this the stainless steel look durable and class, but it thought it was huge as first to have the tray and two pans. I decided to go for it on a special they had and have loved it since. Its so easy to fill with water and place teh plastic drip tray on there and the food actually cooks on the stainless steel tray or pan. I mainly use this for veggies paired with main course. Its easy and fast to throw the veggies in the Breville steamer and have something healthy with the main course dish. IT work well and steams veggies from carrot to broccoli very well. It does sound like a steam engine boat but its not annoyingly loud as it sounds the same as cooking sizzling meat. This is also very easy to clean and convenient. The plug is durable and not cheap so it does not look like it will waste after unplugging it to clean out the steamer over the years. I have gotten used to the large foot print and it is very light to take in and out of the pantry. I have not used the pans as much either as i love vegetables and have yet to play with steaming fish our poultry in it. I am very happy with my investment as it has done well for what i intended it to do. I love it!!!

Easy and Healthy!
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T06:06:38 | Verified Purchase

Great product. I like the ability to steam two different items at once

Works great
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T06:06:38 | Verified Purchase

Works great. Had it for 5 years and still using 3ish nights a week.

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