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Breville Air Fryer Kettles Pizza Oven Coffee Machine Sale In Canada.

the Barista Pro™ the Barista Pro™
the Barista Pro™
the Barista Pro™
the Barista Pro™
the Barista Pro™
the Barista Pro™
the Barista Pro™
the Barista Pro™
the Barista Pro™
the Barista Pro™
the Barista Pro™
the Barista Pro™
the Barista Pro™
the Barista Pro™
the Barista Pro™
the Barista Pro™
the Barista Pro™

Cheap Breville Canada the Barista Pro™ online

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Color: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Black Truffle
  • Sea Salt
  • Damson Blue
  • Black Stainless Steel
  • Oyster Shell
  • Royal Champagne
  • Smoked Hickory

Barista-quality performance with a new intuitive interface that provides all the information you need to create third wave specialty coffee at home. The built-in grinder delivers the right amount of ground coffee on demand, for full flavor. With a 3 second heat up time and precise espresso extraction, you go from bean to cup, faster than ever before.

Product DNA

Close up of the LCD display showing temperature, grind size and other information.


LCD display with grinding and extracting progress animations. The screen provides you all the precise information you need to make coffee exactly the way you like it, every time.

The inner components and engineering of the Thermoset heating system.


Innovative ThermoJet heating system achieves the optimum extraction temperature in 3 seconds with instantaneous transition from espresso to steam. Ready to make your best coffee without the wait.

Close up of the integrated conical burr grinder.


With a single touch, the integrated conical burr grinder with dose control delivers the right amount of coffee on demand, for maximum flavor. Adjustable grind size and dose.

Side view of coffee filled in a 54mm portafilter.


Achieve a consistent and balanced espresso using the right amount of ground coffee. The 54mm porta-filter with 19-22 grams is the key for full flavor and café quality coffee.

Close-up of coffee being slowly extracted from ground beans.


Digital Temperature Control (PID) delivers water at the right temperature +/- 2°C, ensuring optimal espresso extraction. Low pressure pre-infusion gradually increases pressure at the start and helps ensure all the flavors are drawn out evenly during the extraction for a balanced tasting cup.


The powerful manual steam wand performs at the level that allows you to hand texture micro-foam milk that enhances flavor and enables creation of latté art.

Product Specification

Dimensions (WxDxH)13.9" x 16.1" x 16"
Warranty2 Year Limited Product Warranty
Construction MaterialsBrushed Stainless Steel
Capacity67 fl.oz. Water Tank ½lb Bean Hopper
SettingsAdjustable Grind Control Intuitive LCD Interface 1 & 2 Cup Volumetric Control

Customer reviews

8 global ratings
5 out of 5
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Top reviews

Coffee Shop at Home!
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T03:56:41 | Verified Purchase

First, let me just say WOW!
I am so impressed with the Barista Pro, I may never go to a coffee shop again. There's just no need to. I can make any coffee drink I want with the Barista Pro!
So far I've made espresso, cappuccino, americano, latte and frappe.
It's so easy to use, very intuitive and you can change your settings to suit your needs. There are automatic settings already set on the machine but you can easily change them. You can adjust the fineness of your grind, and how much it outputs by adusting the amount of time it grinds coffee into the portafilter.
The grinder itself is a thing of beauty! A sturdy conical burr grinder that delivers a consistent and superior grind, every time! Very easy to remove for light cleaning.
I love how sleek this looks and how well it performs.
I have a few small problems with it, but not enough to take off a star from my review.
First problem: The baskets that sit inside of the portafilter are very hard to get out. Any time I have to change one, I spend a good five minutes trying to remove the one currently occupying it.
Second Problem: There is a storage tray that sits behind the drip tray. I thought it would be a great place to store the other filter baskets and cleaning supplies for the machine. After a few uses I realized that condensation was accumulating in the storage basket. I assume purging the steamer into the drip tray might be causing this.
Third and final issue: The handle that flips up on the water reservoir is over engineered and seems flimsy.
Other than that I have no issues with this fine machine. It is an amazing appliance that will save me thousands on to go coffee.
It comes with a variety of cleaning accessories and everything you will need to maintain and get the most out of your Barista Pro.

Complete Newbie reviews the PRO
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T03:56:41 | Verified Purchase

Im new to the espresso world. Had to google best machines and breville is in every list. I bought the PRO and I LOVE IT! I always assumed coffee was always bitter until I bought this machine. Not only was the shot not bitter, but after i poured in the steamed milk, i never had to use sugar. I love the creamy and foamy texture it produces. The only negative i have to say is that i wished it had the option or ability to produce a hotter pour. If not mistaken i believe the less expensive breville bambino plus had it. Other than that, i believe this is the go to machine. I would suggest this over the barista express bcuz the PRO can deliver a faster pour so the fresh shot of crema is in tact.

Best Coffee Ever
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T03:56:41 | Verified Purchase

Boy was I beyond excited to get the opportunity to play this beautiful appliance. I love my coffee and having the ability to make what I usually go out and buy is like my ultimate dream. I truly am one of those people who can drink coffee all day long. My ultimate favorite is a flat white and I am determined to learn how to make one. My husband loves his white chocolate Mocha. I am not positive I am doing it right but he loves what I have been able to make for him. This was definitely a learning curve, I have never used anything remotely like the Breville the Barista Pro. I read all the inserts and instructions included and they were extremely helpful. My first cup was perfect just too my liking. The rich creamy milk foam was better than what I would have got from my local Barista. I can honestly say I never knew coffee at home could taste so rich and fresh. It didn't have a bitter taste that I have experienced in the past. I have made about 25 cups in this in the past few weeks and each time I use it I get a little better and the flavor does too ( after my first cup I didn't think it could).
Of course, being a newbie I am learning a few things that I need to change. First I have to find different Espresso cups. They just don't work placing them under the spout. As you can see from the above pic they just are not a good fit and no matter how I have placed them some of the Espresso misses. This makes for uneven shots. I am ordering different shot glasses and hope this resolved my problem. I have found a lot of information and accessories on the Breville webpage.
My favorite is the rich creamy frothy milk. You get luxurious warm froth to your exact liking. I like mine with a light foam, Steamed until it looks like a glossy wet paint. My husband, on the other hand, likes a thick heavy foam. Making the perfect steamed milk is extremely easy with the Breville Barista Pro. As a matter of fact, this has been easier to use then I had expected. I get to enjoy my favorite Espressos at home whenever I get the craving for an Espresso. 
I hope that you found this useful and will love the Breville Barista Pro if you decide to buy one. I know I have been telling everyone I know How much I love the Breville Barista Pro!

Best Home Coffee Ever - Once You Learn It
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T03:56:41 | Verified Purchase

We've used our Barista Pro multiple times a day since we've gotten it. We love Americano's and buying them out gets quite pricey, so being able to make them at home quickly and easily is really both a time and money saver.

The first thing you notice is how well built and heavy the unit is. You can tell it's going to last a long time without any issues. While it's big, it's also pretty modular in design. It fits under our kitchen cabinets, so there's no major hassle with trying to put it away.

The hopped holds a good amount of coffee beans, so you won't be filling it too often. I'd recommend watching a few youtube videos before using it the first time, but operation really is pretty simple. You also get to live out the life long dream of being a barista and tamping espresso, which is fun.

Once you do get the process down, it's really quick to whip up a cup. We've made espresso shots, americanos, lattes, and cappuccinos. I'd say the Americano, and the Earl Grey lattes are the favorites around here.

There's a spot for the tamper to attach to it magnetically, and a tray on top makes a good spot for the included Razor. You also get multiple filter baskets for single and double shots, both pressurized and non. Within a couple of days we had learned how to make great coffee and tea drinks!

If there are any cons to this espresso machine I'd say that it does have a learning curve (which I think any espresso machine does) and the steamer/frother wand will spit out hot water before it starts to steam.

Pros -

- Very well built
- Fast once you learn how to use it
- Hopper holds a good amount of beans
- Built in grinder
- Fits on the counter

Cons -

- Definite learning curve
- Steamer wand shoots hot water before starting to steam

Excellent Machine
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T03:56:41 | Verified Purchase

I was really happy to get this machine because I normally spend a lot of money at coffee shops. Set up of the machine was pretty easy but it did take a few days for me to get used to using it. It took me a few tried to adjust the grinder the way that I wanted it but once I got the hang of it, it was really easy. This is one really impressive machine. It makes a great expresso and I learned how to make a really delicious cappuccino with it as well. I really like the fact that it has a milk frother. The coffee that I have made with this machine tastes worlds better than a regular coffee maker. The water does not take long to heat up and the coffee is made in 2 minutes or less.

Best Espresso Machine!
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T03:56:41 | Verified Purchase

Love the Barista Pro so much - easy for novices but all-inclusive enough for those who know what they’re doing! Couldn’t recommend it enough.

Just what I've been looking for.
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T03:56:41 | Verified Purchase

I have been wanting an espresso machine for years now, but was not sure which brand was the best. Well in my opinion this machine was worth the wait and hours of research. At first I was a little intimated by this. It’s a lot of machine. But after reading the manual and watching some youtube videos, I’m starting to get the hang of it. If you look at my pictures, my first attempt to make a green tea latte was good. I got nice bubbles from the frother, but my second attempt was by far my best. The bubbles were great and the foam, perfect. Just like the big chain coffee houses. I personally like extra foam on my lattes and now I can do it myself.
It is a big machine, but I like the fact that it fits nicely under my kitchen cabinets. It looks great and stylish. I still need some practice on warming the milk. But it does heat up fast, like 45 seconds. It does take time to clean after each use, and I found it a bit challenging at first when cleaning the wand. The milk dries up on it, so you have to use warm water and a soapy sponge and then rinse it off with another wet towel to keep it new looking and clean. But I’m sure once I become more “experienced” with it, it will be like second nature to me. I love that it has a bean hopper that grounds my beans for each use. My house smells amazing when it grinds them. It has everything included with the machine, including a great frothing pitcher. And I was amazed at how well and evenly the espresso comes out and into the little pitcher for pouring and making my lattes. I’m still trying to master a caramel macchiato tho. That's my goal with this machine. It comes with all the accessories so no needing to buy anything extra. I’m so glad I waited and now have the Breville Barista Pro. You will not be disappointed with this.

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