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the Sear & Press™ Grill the Sear & Press™ Grill
the Sear & Press™ Grill
the Sear & Press™ Grill
the Sear & Press™ Grill
the Sear & Press™ Grill
the Sear & Press™ Grill

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Color: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Brushed Stainless Steel

The Sear & Press Grill has been designed to deliver perfectly pressed paninis and sandwiches, delicious burgers, seared steaks to golden waffles. Do it all with reversible and ceramic griddle, flat and waffle plates*. The possibilities are endless with open BBQ mode which doubles your space to create!

Product DNA

Close up of the preset buttons and temperature knob.


Shortcuts increase convenience: pre-programmed one-touch Panini, Burger and Sear functionalities create ideal cooking environment and perfect results for your favorite foods.

Steaks and skewers being grilled.


Open the grill flat for a 240 square inch grilling and griddle surface. Makes grilling steaks, burgers or seafood a cinch and cooks eggs and pancakes to perfection. Removable drip tray works in BBQ or contact mode and catches the fat whilst cooking. Outdoor grilling has now found a new home on your countertop.

Inner components of the heating elements beneath each cooking plate.


The electronic temperature control on each plate puts you in command. When opened on the BBQ mode, you now have the ability to cook a great variety of food that require different temperatures independently. Endless food combinations to keep you cooking morning, noon and night.

Skewers being cooked.


Sizzle bacon and eggs for breakfast, toast panini sandwiches for lunch, cook steaks for dinner, make waffles for dessert. Non-stick and natural coating enables the dual sided convenience. With hotter temperatures, ceramic plates allow more browning, better crust and are completely PFOA and PTFE free.

Four cooked waffles in sitting in compatible waffle grill plates.


Add versatility to your grill with premium quick release non-stick coating ceramic waffle plates*. The No-mess Moat design feature prevents waffle batter to spill out and onto your countertop. Dishwasher safe.

Removable cooking plates placed in a dishwasher.


PFOA free and non-stick plates ensure an easy cleaning by hand. Or just pop the plates out and put them in the dishwasher for easy and convenient clean up.

Product Specification

Dimensions (WxDxH)13.8" x 14.8" x 8.5"
Warranty1 Year Limited Product Warranty
Construction MaterialsBrushed Stainless Steel Ceramic non-stick plates
Capacity9.8" x 11.8" plate size Open Flat BBQ Mode: 240 in² grilling surface
SettingsPanini, Burger and Sear

Customer reviews

10 global ratings
4.7 out of 5
5 star 71%
4 star 28%
3 star 0%
2 star 0%
1 star 0%

Top reviews

All around great
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T06:28:22 | Verified Purchase

This does it all, I make bacon, waffles, sandwiches, egg etc. It’s just super handy, easy to clean and portable. Love it on the boat and in the kitchen.

As promised!
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T06:28:22 | Verified Purchase

I have only used this once, since we just got it. We made Cubano sandwiches, so used the panini aspect of the grill--the floating top worked great, once I figured out how to work it. The directions for that could be clearer. I love the way it cleans up as well. Also, it is not a behemoth. I can store it quite easily so it is handy. I'm looking forward to using this for other applications.

One thing about size is that when you raise the lid, the handle could be too tall to fit under your cabinets. It's about 16.5 inches from the counter top to the top of the fully raised handle. My lower cabinet is 16" above the counter, so I have to hold it up if I use it there because I can't raise it completely and it will fall down if I let go. Next time I will place it where I don't have an upper cabinet.

Love this
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T06:28:22 | Verified Purchase

Only had just over a week but was week full of lots company. Cooked at least 2lbs bacon a day, toasted half loaf bread at a time, waffles and eggs... then at lunch quesadias, tacos, chops and burgers with buns, then did dinner steaks and shrimp.... excellent fried squash, fried green tomatoes, biscuits or bread and then paninis.... this did everything i asked and more ... oh yea .... ice cream cones... tortillas...

Great grill.
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T06:28:22 | Verified Purchase

This grill works great. It's well made too. I suggest you grill at 300 degrees or less. I like how you can suspend the grids when not in use. For clean-up, what works best for me is take a cooled off grids and soak them in hot soapy water. Then using a scrubby pad, clean them off in the sink. I don't recommend dishwashing them.

This grill is Awesome!!
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T06:28:22 | Verified Purchase

Let me start by saying that I love Breville products and highly recommend them to friends and family! I have 2 kitchens and they are well stocked with Breville! My favorites are my Nespresso Machine, my Smart Oven Air fryer and now my new Sear and Press! Someone posted that there is no drip tray but, mine has one. I will also order the waffle plates too.

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