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Breville Waffle Maker the No-mess Waffle® Breville Waffle Maker the No-mess Waffle®
Breville Waffle Maker the No-mess Waffle®
Breville Waffle Maker the No-mess Waffle®
Breville Waffle Maker the No-mess Waffle®
Breville Waffle Maker the No-mess Waffle®

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Color: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Brushed Stainless Steel

Product DNA

Person removing waffle from waffle maker.


With 7 settings to work with, you can enjoy light and fluffy or golden and crispy. It's all in your hands.

Waffle maker with no spillage out of cooking plates.


Waffle batter has a tendency to spill out and onto your counter top, but with this thoughtful feature excess strays are under control.

Front view of nonstick cooking plates.


Sticky batter will never stick to your cooking plates thanks to premium PFOA-free non-stick coating.

View of evenly heated cooking plates.


Say goodbye to extra crispy edges and raw batter pockets. The Smart Waffle Pro distributes heat evenly across cooking plates.

Waffle maker with no spillage out of cooking plates.


The No-mess Waffle™ illuminates when it's ready for you to pour on the batter.

Product Specification

Dimensions (WxDxH)11.5" x 9.5" x 5.7"
Warranty1 Year Limited Product Warranty
Construction MaterialsStainless Steel Housing. Die-Cast Aluminum Cooking Plates.
Capacity1 Classic waffle (approx. 6-5/8” x 5-5/8”).
SettingsBrowning Control Dial with 7 Color Settings.

Customer reviews

12 global ratings
4.8 out of 5
5 star 75%
4 star 25%
3 star 0%
2 star 0%
1 star 0%

Top reviews

Superb Waffle Maker - really no mess !
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T06:33:54 | Verified Purchase

My husband and I stopped making waffles years ago because we got tired of all the mess of the drips down the sides. Recently I wanted to start making waffles again and thought I wanted a top-fill waffle maker, but my husband did some research and found the Breville No Mess Waffle maker online and we decided to try it instead. It is the best decision we have made in a long time. We had read the reviews before buying, and some people claimed that they could not get their waffles crispy enough - I have no idea what they are talking about. We like ours at level 5 (out of 7 to choose from), and they are nice and crispy. The tops do seem to get a little more crispy than the bottoms, but if you put it to 6 or 7, the bottoms are plenty crispy too. We used the Classic Waffles recipe that came with it and they tasted fabulous ! We do put a little more of the batter into the waffle maker than the recipe calls for just to make sure it goes all the way to the edges. We do not want any gaps - want complete waffles. The moat works beautifully, catching all the overflow. It is also warm enough that the overflow cooks too so it really is easy to clean - no batter left on it. It all lifts out when you remove the waffle. If you don't like the 'skirt' on your waffles created by the bit that fell into the moat, you can simply cut it away and you will have perfect waffles. I highly recommend this product.

Best waffles ever
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T06:33:54 | Verified Purchase

This is a high quality waffle maker that produces wonderful, crispy waffles. I had a problem initially with the waffles sticking to the waffle making. Nothing I did worked until I read another user's solution: rub a stick of butter over the hot grids just before adding the batter. Then I wipe the waffle maker down with a soft cloth once I'm finished for the day, while it's still warm. This works like a charm and I've not looked back.

Cooks Well and Definitely No Mess
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T06:33:54 | Verified Purchase

I have used this for a few months now, and every recipe has turned out well. I can achieve any finish at all, which is great. I particularly like using the recipes in Where There's A Will, There's A Waffle. Sweet, savoury, heavily loaded or simple recipes, this machine does them all very well. The moat has saved many a mess and the spill over is cooked and edible as well.

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